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Advantages of Using a Pistol Magazine Extensions

You only have two options if you desire more ammo in a magazine, buy a longer magazine from either aftermarket or factory or add an extension to your existing magazines. Pistol magazine extensions also known as plus base pads will take your existing magazine and add a few extra rounds by replacing the original base plate with a small box and longer follower spring that sits about one half of an inch in the lower part inside the magazine will accommodate a few extra rounds. Generally, there are typically two to five additional bullets inside an extended magazine depending on the brand. While this may not seem like a lot more ammunition to others, it is not the only advantage of having this extension. You can find below some of its benefits.

Extra Weight

If you have ever had difficulties removing an empty magazine, either because it is too light to slip free on its own or because the materials inside the mag well make extraction difficult, you will appreciate magazine extensions. The box containing extra rounds adds a modest amount of weight to the magazine’s bottom. It will not influence your draw or recoil management, but it will make it easier for the empty magazine to fall out especially if you are dealing with synthetic material pistols like any other brand. Magazine extensions are more sturdy and can endure more abuse usage than standard mag base plates.

Stronger Than Old Base Plates

Traditional pistol magazines will eventually break or wear out. Indefinitely, they are not made to last longer and most warranties that some manufacturers will offer will cover for only a year. So if you break one of your old magazines, you will have to replace it on your own. Many of us will fire a lot during a tournament and in this case, you will be working on repeatable magazine changes. This means the empty mag will fall automatically to the concrete ground or floor and if you repeat this process often enough, this will result in the breakage of the bottom part of the magazine. Magazine extensions, on the other hand, are constructed of compacted metal and can withstand the frequent torture of the magazine instant fall.

Supplementary Ammo Capacity

The most obvious benefit of a magazine extension is the additional rounds. While an extension will not increase your round count, the additional rounds can mean the difference between winning a gunfight, raising your score in a competitive match or simply having more fun at the range. The fewer reloads you need, the better, because reloads take your gun out of the fight, even if it is for a split second. If you have to change mags in the middle of a target sequence, it can make the difference between first and last place in a competition. By allowing you to get more rounds out of each magazine, extensions boost the experience. In between a life and death scenario, this split of a second error will mean death.

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